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A Relationship-Based Approach
Talk. Change. Grow

Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy involves meeting regularly in private one-on one sessions with one of our therapists to talk about current or past thoughts, feelings and experiences. The goal of therapy is to help you achieve enhanced well-being through positive changes in behaviors, beliefs and emotions. The content of these sessions is mutually determined by you and your therapist.

Happy Family

Family Therapy

Positive family relationships are a foundation of good mental health. Family therapy can reduce stress and conflict, particularly during times of crisis in one or more members, by improving the patterns of interactions and communication between family members.

Other Therapies Include

- Post - DUI Counseling

- Gambling Addiction

- Depression

- Grief Counseling

- Stress Management

- Treatment for Substance Abuse

- Treatment for Depression

- Anger

- Treatment for Anxiety...and more

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